ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK 2023 (No Ban)

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ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK


Lansord Nix

Oct 7, 2023

11.6 MB


Android 5.0+

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Unlock ML Skins & Heroes

ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK Review

Getting premium skins and heroes is always a dream for ML players. It takes years of gaming to unlock all these premium skins and heroes. Wait a minute, here a question arises why do you want to unlock all skins in mobile legends?

It is because each skin comes with out set of new skills, effects,e emotes, and powers. So if you have more skins unlocked in mobile legends there more chances of winning the match.

The same goes for heroes. You will get plenty of new skills if you unlock all heroes in ML. In short, every ML player needs to unlock all skins and heroes for better gameplay.

ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK is a small tool/injector that helps you unlock all the heroes and skins in mobile legends. With our VIP version, you can also unlock unlimited diamonds. So how to do that with this tool? Let’s discuss features and guide in detail.

ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK Features

This great injector APK has a lot of features besides unlocking skins and heroes. Only the downside is it is currently only available to Android users. Main Features include:

Unlock ML Skins

With this injector you can easily unlock skins for Mage, Assassin, Tank, Support, and Fighter the complete skin repository is unlocked and just a few taps away. Besides unlocking skins, you can also enjoy features like custom-painted skin and skin customizations all for no cost.

Unlock Heroes

All powerful heroes like Miya, Balmond, Saber, and many others are unlocked. You will also have the option to choose from a hero category to select. Remember each hero has its own abilities so you have to choose wisely.

Bonus Features

As I discussed above this injector also has some cool bonus features which include:

  • Unlock Emotes: A complete set of emotes for all heroes is unlocked.
  • Unlocked Effects: 100+ Effects are unlocked which include Recall, Respawn, and Elimination effects.

Gameplay Features

Now let us talk about its gameplay features. When you open the main menu you will find a button named “Fix Bugs”. This feature is great where your game is lagging. Tap on the button and voila! your game will run smoothly.


So that was all about ML Unlock all Hero and Skin APK. It is an essential tool for all gamers who don’t want to spend real cash on games. Make sure to follow us for latest updates on this tool.

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