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Imoba Injector APK

V2.24 Part 123

Bang Mamet

Aug 8, 2023

12.2 MB


Android 5.0+

Mod Info
Unlock ML Skins

If you are an avid Mobile Legends player you must love beautiful skins. For this purpose, many developers and players introduced a lot of ML mods and injectors which unlock all premium skins, effects, backgrounds, emotes, and many other features. In this article, we are going to discuss the Imoba Injector which in my opinion is one of the best ML injectors.

What is Imoba Injector?

Imoba Injector is the latest and most helpful tool for mobile Legends players who want to unlock premium features of the game for free. It is developed by BangMamet with some contributions from RDM and Trap Hub

The main purpose of Imoba Injector is to unlock premium in-game items like skins and effects. One major advantage of this injector is it doesn’t require root access and runs smoothly on non-rooted devices. It also works on official MLBB which means no more hassle of installing mods.

The reason that I love this injector is its sleek UI. Its user interface is designed professionally and even a kid can understand and use it without any issues.

Features of Imoba Injector

As per my experience, this injector has major features even if you combine both Worst Injector and Shen Injector. That is because it has a total of five contributors who are continuously improving it and adding new features. Let’s have a look at its features one by one.

Skin Menu

In the skin menu, you have four options Unlock skins, Upgrade skins, Painted Skins, and Anime/Custom skins. If you tap on any feature you will see all skins for Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Tank, and support. Here you can choose any and unlock its skins easily for free. Here is the list of all unlocked skins.

  • All Fighter skins.
  • All Assassin skins.
  • All mage skins
  • All marksman skins
  • All Tank skins.
  • All Support skins.
imoba injctor screenshot

Drone View

With the drone view feature, you can get zoom up to 6x and spot your enemies quickly and easily. Keep in mind that the drone view feature in Imoba Injector is currently experimental so I would not recommend enabling it for the safety of your game account.

Unlock Effects

Easily unlock all MLBB effects for free. To unlock effects go to the effects menu select your hero and tap on unlock and it is done. Here is the list of unlocked effects.

  • All Recall Effects.
  • 50 Elimination effects.
  • All Respawn Effects.
unlock effects

More Menu

It is not the end of the features of this lovely ml injector there is much more that you will see after taping on the More Menu button. Here are bonus features for you in more menu:

  • Unlock Emotes: A total of 85 battle emotes are available to unlock for free.
  • Analog Custom: Analog custom for all heroes is unlocked.
  • Intro Loading: All custom loading backgrounds are unlocked.
  • Custom Music: All premium background sounds and effects are unlocked.

What’s new in V2.24 Part 123

Imoba injectorV2.24 Part 123 features

Final Words

Imoba Injector really helps if you are a fan of Mobile Legends. Whether it is skin, emote, or effects you can unlock all premium stuff without spending any money. Its sleek UI also makes it easier to use. I have skipped the installation guide because it installs normally like any other app. But if you feel any difficulties please let me know via comments. Happy Gaming!

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