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Fakecez Modz APK



July 18, 2023

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Android 5.0+

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Many players love to play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. These games are very addictive and realistic and everyone loves them. But sometimes even if you practice for days and months you don’t succeed in winning the match. One of these games is Mobile Legends Bang Bang.  Now in this game, you need to practice for months to improve your gameplay and win matches. One more aspect is premium features which can only be unlocked by spending real cash and not everyone can afford it. So to solve this problem there are numerous tools but today we are going to discuss Fakecez Modz APK. It is a mod APK or modified version of the original game and allows you to get a lot of features and unlock all ML skins for free without the risk of getting a ban.

The Fakecez Modz has gained a lot of popularity among Mobile Legends players. That is because it is safe and provides various features. So let’s discuss more about this wonderful mod.

What is Fakecez Modz APK?

Fakecez Modz is a modded version of the original Mobile Legends game. It was developed by Fakecez in 2021. As the name tells this mod unlocks a whole new world of features in MLBB. With the help of this mod APK you can easily unlock all ml skins, emotes effects, and backgrounds. You can also unlock new heroes. So basically, Fakecez Modz APK saves your money and gives your gaming avatar a whole new better look.

Besides the above premium features, there are also other cool features that will actually help you during the game. It has various features like ESP, drone view, improved FPS, custom sensitivity settings, and many more others that we will discuss below.

The third prominent feature of this app is regular updates. The developer is quite active and he is updating the mod with each game update which makes this mod completely safe, anti-ban, and packed with the latest features.

Features of Fakecez Modz APK

There are a lot of Mobile Legends Mods but no other mod is like Fakecez Modz. That is because of its huge number of features. These features will boost your character and enhance your gameplay. It also takes care of game performance. Here are key features:

  • Unlock all ML Skins: There are more than 600 unlocked ML skins to choose from. Now you can beautify your guns, heroes, or assassins.
  • FPS Improvements: You can improve your frames per second up to 120 FPS. While by default it is 60Fps.
  • ESP Menu: This feature will make sure you win every game :P. Because if you enable it you will be able to see other players Name. location and health.
  • Drone View: Drone view enables zoom up to 6x to identify enemies from a distance.
  • Same Servers: Unlike other MLBB mods Fakecez Modz uses actual game servers which means you can enjoy actual gameplay.
  • Free: This mod is completely free and contains no ads.
  • Anti-Ban: Packed with the latest anti-ban script so your game account is always safe.

Personal Experience of Fakecez Modz APK

Well as discussed above this app is updated regularly. So while using it I did not find any bugs or lags in my gameplay. I have tested all the features one by one and I was able to unlock almost all ml skins. Talking about FPSit was not 120 but way better than actual fps provided bygame. ESP works great. After using it for almost 4 days I did not get any ban so I assure you Fakecez Modz is safe to use.

Fakecez Modz APK Installation and Usage Guide

It is very easy to install Fakecez Modz APK just follow steps below to set it up correctly.

  1. Download the latest version APK file from above.
  2. Uninstall all previous versions else installation will fail.
  3. Now you need to enable downloads from Unknown source go to Setting –> Security —> Unknown source and enable it.
  4. Go back to downloads tap on the downloaded apk file and install it.
  5. Once installation is complete tap on open and allow all required permissions.
  6. Now it will ask for the key tap on get key and create your account.
  7. Once you finish creating an account it will show you the login key just copy and paste it in the key edit text.
  8. Great now it is successfully installed on your phone you can enable any feature and launch the game.
  9. It is recommended to use fewer features to stay on the safe side.

Trial Key: Fakecez_0ry2i6yx3zxY

Final Thoughts

So, now you have installed and configured Fakecez Modz APK on your android. You will enjoy all the features specially skins for free. If you just need injector for you original MLBB game you can also get NBS Reborn 2023 or Warlito Patcher. Again I would highly recommend you to test each feature and enable few which suits you the best. Happy Gaming!

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